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Rob and Ronni –

“Nine Thirty Chestnut Street is a truly unique and magnificent home with a great history. Before listing it, I interviewed top agents from each of the City’s premiere real estate firms. Alone among your peers, you really seemed to understand what made the house and garden so special. The other agents did not seem to comprehend that the comparables were just not “comparable.” Through your marketing approach and hard work, you made prospective purchasers appreciate those qualities that made the house and garden so extraordinary. The results speak for themselves: a sales price more than 10% over the listing price…and more than 25% over the listing prices recommended by your colleagues at other firms.

As an independent trustee who was not a trust beneficiary, I was particularly concerned about fulfilling my fiduciary duty to secure the highest price while avoiding potential liability for inadvertent disclosures in an “As-Is” sale. You helped me navigate this line with great skill. You designed a marketing plan that assured the property would be fully exposed to the market before I considered offers.
You worked with me to put together contract terms that provided prospective purchasers with information while shielding me from exposure to liability. Your advice was always on point, practical, and spoke of experience. Throughout the entire sale you were responsive at every level. Your execution was seamless at every step from lining out inspections, experts, and photography to contract negotiation and closing supervision. You were efficient and organized but still managed to pay acute attention to detail.

You asked for constructive criticism. I felt so well taken care of that I have little to offer, constructive or otherwise. Thank you for all your help. It has been a pleasure working with you.”