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Market Perspective

Summer 2022

Leaning into Market Headwinds, Year-Over-Year Appreciation Rate Falls: The impacts of this year's severe economic headwinds - soaring inflation and interest rates, stock market declines, fears of recession - on Bay Area real estate markets ...

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San Francisco Market Update Although there’s been a lot of press, lots of aggregate numbers, and predictions of market direction over the past months, there have simply been too many competing market and environmental factors, mixed sentim...

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Winter 2020 – 2021

SOLIDIFYING SF MARKET AND TRENDING TOWARDS NORMALIZATION: Almost across the board in neighborhood, property type, and price categories within San Francisco, we’re seeing in the last 45 days a “solidification” of the sales market where ...

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Summer Leading-to-Fall 2019

Following a heady, escalating and somewhat incongruous Spring market where inventory never matched demand and sellers drove the trend in almost all sectors, the San Francisco market has begun an appreciable slow down (not downturn) in both tran...

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Winter-Early Spring 2019

The start of the 2019 selling season has been a bit of a conundrum with perspectives on the health, volatility and direction of the market almost directionless, with an enormous disparity in opinions even amongst seasoned, tenured professionals...

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