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We have had the good fortune of running into you periodically over the years at various open houses and will say, you always remembered us. That showed us something.

Then, when we contacted you to sell South Park, you were candid and honest as to what we should expect as a price assuming we made certain improvements. Given our distance to SF, you were incredibly helpful in meeting the various contractors for bids and estimates as well as work execution. Truly, not sure that the loft ever looked better after the improvements and staging. It does make all the difference in the world.

And it proved right in that we attracted a handful of interested buyers who were willing to invest in such a spot. In my past, I was an executive recruiter and my boss used to tell me that, in the end, you always only needed one incredible candidate for a placement. But of course, the client always wants to know that there are always other options. I suppose your business is similar. I know when you called with the final offers, you delivered the message masterfully in such a way that you saved the last (the actual successful buyers) for last. Hearing the price the buyers were willing to pay, the cash basis and short closure made it so attractive for us. I do know that you tried to keep number of other interested buyers alive through it all. But in the end, we just needed one. We thank you for that.

I’m not sure that I could give you any advise. We have worked with other realtors in the past that frankly, I would not hire again. With them, I always felt like I was being played. You are a straight shooter and frankly, that is important to me. I would not hesitate in re-hiring you again or recommending you to someone else. You kept us up to date on conditions as they changed.

Thanks a lot Rob for all you have done.

Alex & Clif – South Beach