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Arleen W.

Dear Rob,
I am grateful to my partners, Alan and Jonathan, for bringing you on board right from the start. While we had never met prior to BVE, I immediately felt I could trust you as we met that Tuesday afternoon at the house. I appreciated your sensitivity to my relationship with Lee who had been working with me on and off for a year – and your willingness to give her a finder’s fee is so appreciated from my perspective. I thank you Rob. Rob, you have been terrific!!!!! I am so grateful for your representation during the purchase of BVE. You have been a complete professional throughout the process. I have felt total confidence in your negotiation abilities and was so proud and grateful to stand by you as you shared your own strategizing process in the negotiations. I felt in good hands and as a novice in the real estate arena – that eased the purchase process for me.
I so appreciated your willingness to sit down with all of us and work out the bottom line details. I wanted and needed your knowledge, experience and professionalism and you gave it in spades. You have been fair – you have been diplomatic – you have the Best! Thank you so much!