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Dear Mr. Moore,
It has been one full year now since Rob Levy negotiated our purchase in SoMa. His even temperament, measured candor, and absolute integrity served us well; we were impressed at the time. Rob remained an available and unfailing resource for matters great and small; we are grateful. Only a consummate professional, with a twinkle in his eye and unfailing good humor, makes such a difficult job look easy; we know it isn’t. Rob neither asked, nor received, additional compensation for his efforts over the past year; we offered money, he would decline it – “Unprofessional.” When we praised him, he twisted a toe in the dirt and blushed. In some places that’s an “Aw, shucks!” response. But Rob’s from Chicago. It means: “What?” I’m from Chicago, too. We’re sincere, straightforward, unabashed, materialistic Midwestern folks who appreciate character and tenacity. We rarely make references, because it’s OUR personal honor on the line. So, when I recommend Rob without hesitation and without reservation, please recognize that he’s contributing a great deal to the McGuire name. Our friends and associates are now passing along his name to friends and relatives. That’s a meager return if you count time and effort, but I believe Rob would be pleased. It’s a reward he values. Kindly let him know we appreciate all he’s done for us and for all his clients. Thanks.