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Deirdre and Sean Kelly

One of the things that struck us was your attention to detail. We liked that, especially as 1st time buyers. You were always available when we called...and were very professional and pleasant. You also gave us good advice on (dealing with) the ...

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Arthur Weiss Jones

Rob, there is absolutely nothing that we could say that would require you to change anything in the way you handled our sale. You were perfect. Believe me, if I had something constructive to say, I would. Thank you again.

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Liz Gazzano

I really enjoyed working with you, and felt that you really put a lot of time and effort into the purchase of my house. I'm loving the place...and feel that you really helped lock it in for me. I truly think that (the listing agent) would ha...

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Martin & Diane

We enjoyed working with you. Per your request for feedback (on the sale of our loft), here are the things we appreciated: you were professional and considerate, provided an expectation of how the "new" market works, kept us informed of status ...

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Michael Harvey

Rob, Thank you for all your hard work and professionalism. It's clear to me that the key to our sale, which truly exceeded my expectations, was your keen marketing skills - most innovative - and your personal and professional manner. I wo...

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Mukesh and Harsha

Hey Rob, we want to thank you regarding (our) transaction on how smooth it went. We also appreciate that you found this (property) before it hit the market along with helping us on many other issues which was beyond a typical agreement.

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