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1) As we spoke earlier, I thought your use of technology was excellent. Using e-mail and having the pictures of the condo on the web-site were invaluable to me especially with my relocation to Miami. I was able to be in constant communication with you never losing a step or feeling uneasy about the transaction taking place a continent away.
2) I also really appreciated your help with the remodeling and fixing up of the condo. Your recommendation of Maria was excellent and the supervision and follow-up you did helped a great deal.
3) Although the market was very hot, I definitely felt like your marketing approach and recommendation of renovating the apartment, changing appliances etc. really maximized our investment returns. With another broker, we may not have had that recommen-dation and may not have been able to get such great value on the unit.
4) The only criticism I have and may not even be in your job description is “knowledge of foreign tax issues.” You may not encounter too many of these and probably shouldn’t be giving tax advise but some knowledge would have facilitated the process even if you didn’t give us advise. Or a recommendation of a good tax accountant that specializes in real estate issues may have helped. Overall though, it was a pleasure and a good fortune for us to have worked with you.