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Hi Rob,

Overall, I want to say I was very pleased with you throughout the process. A few things come to mind that I valued while we were in the midst of things.

  1. Setting a max price: The buyer is emotional on a home purchase and these emotions can push common sense and rationality to the side. There were a few times were you gave your opinion on the market and I distinctly remember you saying, I will not let you pay more than XX.
  2. Taking a position: In this litigious world, few people are willing to take a position. Yes, you preempt it with I’m not an attorney but a few time, you shared your common sense point of view, also based on experience, and this I found useful and helpful. And also appreciated.
  3. Eye for detail: You live and breathe the market every day. For better or worse, you know what works. Everything from making sure I don’t take the 3 story walk up, noticing the windows aren’t working and the details on the shower floor.
  4. True negatives: Even though I was interested in 68 Landers from early on, you showed me other units which, by me discounting, reinforced the position on 68 Landers.
  5. Responsiveness: You were never out of contact for too long. Even when I was flying and we were able to communicate via What’sApp, gives a buyer a good feeling. Also when you were traveling you were very responsive. Additionally, when there were other issues, you brought Samantha into the loop and she was quite responsive
  6. Pricing: The fact is, you guys get compensated by the seller so there is always that thought that all parties (other than the buyer 🙂 are pushing for a higher price. I did not get that feeling at all from you nor any sort of pressure to do any deal. On the contrary, you were quite explicit a few times how it was my decision to make.
  7. No nonsense: You were very professional and knowledgeable throughout. Even more so, you were very much on the ball and not wasting time. This became more evident when contrasting to the other brokers as we neared the TIC agreement completion (hopefully, you learned some stuff as well :))

Usually, I can be quite critical but to be honest, the only thing that comes to mind was that we sometimes misccomunicated on our texts but that is part of the medium rather than anything you did.

Honestly, I would recommend you in an instant to anyone who is considering purchasing a place.


Joshua G. – Duboce Triangle