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Kyle and Jordan

Regarding working with you, I have only positive things to say:

-Pre-purchase process, you regularly checked in as I casually poked around San Francisco for over a year. I was never in a rush, and never felted rushed. I imagine some real estate folks wouldn’t take seriously an indecisive scrappy kid on a bicycle, but you did, and I appreciate it!

-Once the purchase process started, your response times were instantaneous. I felt like the only client.

-You explained each step clearly and patiently, remarkable, since you must explain the same things over and over to all your clients. And I’m not even a very good listener.

-When there were minor inspection issues with the house, like the mystery heating issue, last minute floor things, etc, you dealt gracefully with a sometimes unpredictable developer, and got all of our requests resolved.

Overall, it was an entirely un-stressful experience, that resulted in getting an awesome house that Jordan and I really like, so thanks, from both of us, for your help!