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Michelle M.

For starters, Rob, you are a very supportive and compassionate human being. It was really unnerving and confusing to be told that someone wanted to sue me, and you handled my stressed out, frustrated emails like a champ. I truly am greatly appreciative to have had you on my side during this dispute.

As for the loft sale, you did a fantastic job. No complaints or criticisms. I didn’t get to see the marketing and staging for myself, but an owner in the building texted me and said the marketing was top-notch and the staging superb. Over the phone and through email and text communication, you came across in a very professional way. You and I had some give and take on the list and final sale price. You talked me down on the list price and I told you to stand firm on the final number. We game planned ahead of negotiations so that we were both on the same page and that was critical to achieving the final sale price I wanted. It’s that kind of cooperation between client and broker that I feel led to what was ultimately a successful sale. I actually got a rush out of the negotiations to be honest. Thank you again. I think you are not just a terrific broker but a terrific person as well.

Michelle M. – South Beach